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Welcome to the official website of the The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology, the "Voice of Audiology" in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Academy is a professional organization of university-trained audiologists practicing in a variety of settings within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PAA audiologists are dedicated to serving all people with hearing problems. The Academy promotes the profession of audiology as an autonomous profession to serve the hearing health-care needs of all people.  The Academy fosters the ability of our members to achieve their career and professional objectives, provides quality continuing educational experiences, promotes public and consumer awareness of hearing problems and solutions to improve hearing, and advocates the profession of audiology to regulatory agencies and legislatures in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. 

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are the only professionals who are university trained and licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat audiologic disorders of hearing. PAA members are licensed to practice audiology within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can count on us for all of the solutions to your hearing problems.     Read More

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What is a PAC? A political action committee (PAC) is an organization that pools financial resources to promote legislation and candidates that advocate for specific causes or groups. The decision of which initiatives to support are not taken lightly: PAC resources are strategically applied based on legislative updates and maximizing the impact of each dollar.

How is the PAA PAC Funded? The PAA PAC uses personal donations as well as a small amount from membership dues to advocate for our profession and the charges that we serve. An important characteristic of PACs is that corporations are not allowed to donate to them. PACs are supported by people, not businesses.

What Might the PAA PAC Support? Opposition to Expansion of Veterans Affairs (VA) Hearing Aid Benefits by Hearing Instrument Specialists. A compromised version of this bill did pass, but thanks to the support of the audiology community, efforts by hearing aid dispensers to expand their scope of practice within the VA were thwarted, ensuring the role of the audiologist. To learn more about this legislation, visit the Academy’s Press Release:

The Hearing Aid Tax Credit Act provides up to a $500 tax credit for the purchase of one hearing aid once every five years, without restriction based on income or age. This act may help to fill the gap in hearing aid affordability. Your PAC dollars can go towards supporting this important legislation in the 115th Congress.

Reauthorization of EHDI programs to ensure continued access to hearing screening programs and early intervention. Without reauthorization of this legislation, infants and children become vulnerable to losing early intervention services that can put them on the path to successful educational and personal experiences. This important legislation did NOT pass in 114th Congress, so we must push Congress to take up the reauthorization of EHDI programs as their first priority when they return in January. We need PAC support to make this happen!

The PAA PAC can also support state or local legislation or candidates.

If you are unable to make a financial donation to the PAC, there are other ways that you can contribute:

  1. Contact your local representatives to encourage them to support audiology specific initiatives: provides contact information for your local legislators and templates of letters that you can electronically send to them.

  2. Educate fellow audiologists and the public that they may donate to the PAA PAC. Every donation, no matter how small, is used wisely and makes a difference:

  3. Raise awareness of the PAA PAC and its interests via social media. Sharing this post is a great way to start!

  4. Contact the PAA Board of Directors with your input about PAC support, or with questions.

- Alexandra Costlow, Au.D., PAA Treasurer

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