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Participating in a committee requires only as much time as you are willing/able to give.  In most cases, you will only receive a few emails a month and will not required to attend any meetings in person.  By participating, you can help improve and strengthen our academy!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our secretary to let her know of your interest.

We are appreciative of our amazing volunteers!

Kathleen Conley, Au.D.Silent Auction Coordinator
Debbie Lombardi, Au.D.

Assistant to VP of Publications
Silent Auction Committee

Nicole Kwak, B.A.

2017 Student Ambassador, Salus University

Marketing Volunteer

Convention Volunteer

Aaron Roman, Au.D.

Assistant to VP of Governmental Affairs

Convention Volunteer

Robert Petruso II, Au.D.Assistant to VP of Education
Tomas Cabrera, B.S. 
 2017 - 2018 Student Ambassador, Salus University

Convention Volunteer

Kristin DiNoto, B.S.
2017 - 2018 Student Ambassador, Bloomsburg University

Convention Volunteer

Erin Fenenssy, B.A.          2017 - 2018 Student Ambassador, University of Pittsburgh

Convention Volunteer

 Student Ambassador Description

The PAA Student Ambassador's main jobs will be attending PAA board meetings once each quarter and giving any input you'd like to share.  You will then relay information back to students at your university and encourage your classmates to sign up for free PAA student membership.

Ambassadors attend and help at the PAA convention in the Fall (work at registration, hand out CEU forms at the end of the convention, etc.).  Through all of this, you will be able to meet many professionals across the state and start networking for internships, externships, and future jobs, in addition to learning behind the scenes information about audiology in PA!

To apply, please send your résumé to Maryann McCullough Nikander, Au.D. at and Jill Knecht, Au.D., at



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Yell Inverso
Fundraising Frank Baur
Professional Issues Mindy Brudereck
Government Relations Sherman Lord
Membership Suzanne Yoder


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